Our Company

We are an engineering company with a passion to create and apply world-leading wastewater treatment technologies. In particular, we are an authority in the field of thermal hydrolysis through our TH4+ process.

We have combined our engineering minds with our entrepreneurial inclinations to promote a technology that is second to none, helping our clients increase their profitability. Squeezing more out of their sludge, their benefit is two-fold: increased biogas yield and lower, higher-quality volume of biosolids. We are firm believers that ingenuity and engineering hold the key to sustainable progress, and we choose to see sludge not as a liability but as an asset that is capable of generating environmentally-friendly, renewable energy.


The teCH4+logo sums it all up: we are technical people that has created great technology (thus teCH) to take you further and give you a plus (thus 4 + or for plus). And, of course, CH4 is the chemical formula of methane, the main component of biogas and symbolized by the iconic tetrahedral molecule.

We are a limited liability company with a streamlined culture and a flat organization chart.

Vision, mission and values


Our vision is to be the world´s top provider of thermal hydrolysis technology


We design, install and manage thermal hydrolysis plants, creating value for our clients through robust, innovative and environmentally-friendly technology


Our Vision and Mission encourages us to be


Create, own and apply innovative technologies that are always one step ahead of our competition


Transfer our know-how honestly to our clients anywhere in the world, providing customer-friendly expertise and knowledge


Run an efficient, responsive and agile organization, with lean business processes, that makes it a pleasure to work with and enjoyable to work for


By helping our clients to boost their profitability, we can be profitable ourselves and devote a significant portion of the benefits to research, development and innovation

The team

The founders´ individual profiles supplement each other in diverse technical fields (process engineering, wastewater treatment, maintenance, process control, energy efficiency, etc.) and are well-balanced by commercial and managerial responsibilities.


Fernando Fernández-Polanco

Senior Non Executive Advisor

A Chemical Engineer, PhD, Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) and Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Valladolid (Spain), where he has held several positions of responsibility. With more than 40 years of research experience in Environmental Technology, he is a world-class authority in wastewater treatment, particularly in anaerobic digestion and thermal hydrolysis. This vast experience is evidenced by 7 patents, more than 130 international papers, more than 120 international congresses contributions, 23 PhD thesis, 44 master projects and more than 80 research projects with both public institutions and private companies.


Rafael González

Technical Manager

Chemical Engineer with more than 40 years of industrial experience in different process industries, importantly in the fertilisers and food sectors, where he has held technical positions such as Engineering Manager, Production Manager, Technical Manager and Expert Consultant. His practical manufacturing experience crafted a problem-solving mind that has applied his real-world learning to the conceptual design of innovative wastewater treatment processes such as supercritical oxidation and thermal hydrolysis.


María Fernández-Polanco

Non Executive Advisor

Industrial Chemist, PhD and Associated Professor of Environmental Technology at the University of Valladolid (Spain). With more than 18 years of experience in waste treatment, and specialised in micro-aerobic and anaerobic processes for solid waste treatment, her production includes 3 patents, 37 international papers, 40 international congresses contributions, 7 PhD thesis, 5 master projects and more than 40 research projects as part of public programs and in partnership with private corporations.


Francisco J. Cantero

Non Executive Advisor

Chemical Engineer and Master in Business Administration (MBA), with 14 years of industrial experience. An all-rounder, he has held technical positions in a several departments such as Automation and Control, Research and Development, Engineering, Environmental and Maintenance. This practical experience and the MBA knowledge made him the ideal candidate to hold managerial positions such as Planning Manager and Project Manager.


Diego Fernández-Polanco

Managing Director

Chemical Engineer and Masters in Science (MSc) in Process Integration at University of Manchester (UK). With 15 years of technical consulting experience based in UK, USA, China and Mexico, he has carried out projects in more than 25 countries. Specialized in energy efficiency, he has managed multi-million dollar projects, led business development activities, applied a variety of technical tools and methodologies, developed new products and services, conducted training courses and presented papers at conferences organized by IAWQ, AIChE, IETC, ERTC, NPRA and others.