Thermal Hydrolysis in Latin America<


Thermal Hydrolysis in Latin America

Thermal Hydrolysis in Latin America

NOVEMBER 02, 2023

The XIV Latin American Anaerobic Digestion Workshop and Symposium (DAAL XIV) held in Querétaro (Mexico) last October 23 to 27 confirmed the region's interest in thermal hydrolysis technology.

The technology originated in Europe, where most of the installed plants are located, and has recently expanded to Asia, the USA and Canada and, to a lesser extent, to other regions. From its limited implementation, several Latin American representatives have shown interest in exploring the adoption of this technology in their respective countries to increase biogas yields, reduce sludge volumes and obtain a hygienized biosolid suitable for agricultural application.

teCH4+ presence

During the congress, where we presented our “Thermal hydrolysis 'wh' questions answered through pilot and full-scale experiences”, teCH4+ had the opportunity to share technical details of its technology and open conversations with attendees interested in designing and operating advanced anaerobic digestions aligned with the principles of the circular economy.

More details of the XIV Latin American Workshop and Symposium on Anaerobic Digestion (DAAL XIV) in the following link.

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