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Thermal Hydrolysis

Thermal Hydrolysis is the pre-treatment that overcomes the main limitation of existing anaerobic digestions: the hydrolysis step. This results in a more biodegradable organic waste that yields more biogas.

At the same time, it reduces sludge volumes and cuts handling costs. The resulting high-quality biosolids, instead of going to disposal, are suitable for fertilizer usage in food production.

The hydrolyzed, low-viscosity material, enables anaerobic digester loading rates to be doubled, debottlenecking existing plants and resulting in capital expenditure avoidance.


TH4+, the Thermal Hydrolysis for +, is the technology featuring super-quick heating that allows higher hydrolysis temperatures without harmful secondary reactions. This enables higher pressures and stronger flashes, more severely breaking the organic waste´s cell structure and making it easier to digest.

Its innovative design avoids the use of pumps, with subsequent gains in process reliability and maintenance cost. TH4+ redefines thermal hydrolysis as a continuous process that overcomes the issues associated with batch processing.

Heat-integrated for greater energy efficiency and with a compact design, it is the state-of-the-art technology to help you squeeze more out of your sludge.

Online Calculator

Input the key figures and parameters of your anaerobic digestion and check how you can benefit from TH4+, the thermal hydrolysis for +


Feed flowrate (kg/h):

Feed total solids (%):

Type of feed:

COD/VS primary sludge (kg COD/kg VS)

COD/VS secondary sludge (kg COD/kg VS)

VS/TS conversion (kg VS/kg TS)

CH4/COD (Nm3 CH4/kg COD)

% COD in sludge (%)

% VS in secondary sludge (%)

CH4 in biogas (w/o TH4+) (%v)

CH4 in biogas (w/ TH4+) (%v)

Primary sludge yield (COD elim./COD total)

Secondary sludge yield (w/o TH4+) (COD elim./COD total)

Secondary sludge yield (w/ TH4+) (COD elim./COD total)

CH4 low heating value (LHV) (kWh/Nm3)

Electric efficiency (%)

Power price (€/kWh)

Sludge disposal cost (€/t)

Biosolid sales price (€/t)

Biosolid dryness (%)

Operating time (h/year)


Without TH4+

With TH4+


Biogas production (Nm3/d)


Power generation (kW)


Biosolids production (kg TS/d)


Biosolids disposal/sale (€/year)

Benefit (€/year)


Legend: COD: Chemical Oxygen Demand / VS: Volatile Solids / TS: Total Solids / CH4: Methane