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NOVEMBER 29, 2023

Always innovative, launches the first water treatment Membership next January 1, 2024. This community is a select group of professionals sharing knowledge, experiences and networking.

The most relevant Membership activities are:

1.       Access a water treatment professionals community from Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

2.       Carry out technical visits to water treatment facilities.

3.       Learn from successful case studies.

4.       Discover innovative R&D projects.

5.       Attend quarterly consulting sessions with specialists.

6.       Inform about new Regulations and Certifications.

7.       Training with thematic courses and masterclasses.


Advisory Board

The Membership Advisory Board, a group of 50 professionals with extensive careers in the water treatment sector, will advise on the community direction and on the issues to be discussed. teCH4+ will be part of this Advisory Board as an expert company in sludge treatment, anaerobic digestion and thermal hydrolysis technology.


More details of the Membership

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