New award: thermal hydrolysis plant in Copero WWTP (Seville)<


New award: thermal hydrolysis plant in Copero WWTP (Seville)

New award: thermal hydrolysis plant in Copero WWTP (Seville)

APRIL 09, 2024

The Acciona Construction, Acciona Agua and Riego Sur Joint Venture (JV) has awarded teCH4+ the installation of a turnkey Thermal Hydrolysis (HT) plant + hybrid steam boiler at the Copero WWTP, as part of the expansion project Adaptation of Seville´s WWTPs for Discharge to Sensitive Areas in the Doñana Environment, Phase 4: Copero WWTP Adaptation of the Infrastructure and Water Exploitation General Directorate of the Environment and Territorial Planning Ministry of the Junta de Andalucia.

After contract signature, engineering and manufacturing are already underway and will be followed by electromechanical installation, commissioning and, in less than 1 year from now, plant start-up.

Second Installation at Copero WWTP

Our second installation at Copero WWTP will supplement the plant started-up in 2020. And jointly will treat all the expanded sewage works sludge, equivalent to 30,000 tMS/year. In practice, the plants will be smaller thanks to their operation with the novel inter-treatment configuration.

After 3 pilot plants and the commercial Copero (Seville), Pinedo (Valencia) and Ranilla (Seville) facilities, the Polanco Process expands its scope to include, in addition to the turnkey thermal hydrolysis plant, the hybrid steam boiler.

Thanks to the JV, the Junta de Andalucía and EMASESA for choosing our technology.


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