New thermal hydrolysis plant in Ranilla WWTP (Seville)<


New thermal hydrolysis plant in Ranilla WWTP (Seville)

New thermal hydrolysis plant in Ranilla WWTP (Seville)

NOVEMBER 13, 2023

Our latest thermal hydrolysis plant is already in operation in Ranilla WWTP (Seville). After three pilot plants and two commercial installations, located in Copero (Seville) and Pinedo (Valencia) sewage works, this sixth reference consolidates teCH4+ technology.

This time, the Polanco Process is an inter-treatment located in between a pre- and a post-anaerobic digestion, with the triple objective of increasing biogas yields, reducing sludge volume and hygienizing the biosolid to meet current regulation.


MITLOP project

This thermal hydrolysis plant is part of the MITLOP project (Integrated Model for the Management of Sewage Sludge and other organic waste), co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Ministry of Science and Innovation to implement innovative solutions to improve environmental management and the circular economy of EMASESA in its three dimensions: social, economic and environmental.

More details of the MITLOP project in this link. 

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